Prone Positioning Devices

At KLM Medical Equipment, we know that safety and efficiency are of paramount importance, which is why we are proud to offer a range of prone positioning devices to improve surgeries, procedures, and patient health. With an impressive inventory of medical positioning devices and a range of customized surgical positioning equipment options, we’re here to offer you all the tools and devices you need to improve safety in the healthcare setting.

Prone Positioning Equipment

Prone patient positioning may seem simple, but it can actually be quite a challenge to safely maneuver a patient into the prone position. The prone position requires prone positioning equipment to get the job done safely, and that’s what we offer!

Our prone positioning devices include:

  • Care Surgical Prone Patient Supports – This piece of prone positioning equipment was designed with comfort and safety in mind. By eliminating Velcro attachments, surgeons can accomplish hassle-free prone positioning with maximum comfort.
  • Care Surgical Prone Plus Head Support System – Head support is crucial in all surgical positioning equipment, especially for prone positioning devices. This system protects the neck and offers stability when positioning patients on their stomachs.
  • Care Surgical Spine Frame – This patient positioning device is essential to prone positioning systems by allowing the abdomen to hang freely and improves access to the spine, supporting weights of over 500 pounds.
  • Care Surgical Positioning Support Kits – Reduce the risk of injury and increase safety for patients with this patient positioning device. By absorbing moisture, these foam pads are an essential aspect of prone positioning equipment.

Prone positioning devicesProne Patient Positioning

Prone patient positioning refers to safely moving a patient from their back to their abdomen. Lying face down, patients can be operated on the back, spine, and other dorsal areas. While surgeries and operations are one of the main reasons to place patients in this position, there are other reasons why you may need to utilize prone patient positioning, such as acute respiratory distress and other respiratory problems. Other non-surgical benefits of prone positioning include:

  • Decreased lung compression.
  • Efficiency of gas exchange in the lungs.
  • Reduced risk of ventilator-induced lung injuries.
  • Improved oxygen delivery due to increased heart function.
  • Optimal drainage for diseased lungs.

As a leader in patient positioning devices for more than 20 years, we are proud to offer you medical positioning equipment that allows you to safely and effectively move patients into the prone position. Carrying a range of prone positioning devices, we give you all the tools and pieces you need to make prone positioning smooth and hassle-free!