1140 Sentry

UVC Light Disinfection

Single Emitter System

Single-Cycle, Whole-Room Disinfection
The Skytron 1140 Sentry UVC robot delivers a strong germ deactivating UV dose in an affordable and portable package. A quick-release base allows the emitter to be easily placed in tight quarters like EMS vehicles and helicopters. This portable UVC room sterilizer is ideal for many applications, including assisted living and extended care facilities.

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A Comprehensive Portfolio of UVC Light Sterilization to Meet Your Unique Needs

By offering the most comprehensive portfolio of UVC on the market, Skytron has the ideal UVC solution for every hospital, long-term facility, or clinic looking to improve infection control procedures. With three models of UV room sterilizer models to choose from, Skytron meets any need and budget.

The Top Choice for Hospital UVC Lights

Through effective, single-cycle, whole-room disinfections, Skytron is the top choice for hospital UV light disinfection. Skytron’s UVC light sterilization delivers the correct dose for maximum automated germicidal treatment with every cycle. Count on dependable UV light for room disinfection with Skytron. Contact KLM Medical Equipment to place an order.


Ultraviolet Light for Room Disinfection

A look at the problems experience in hospitals paint the picture for better portable UV light sterilization for patient safety and hospital outcomes. Many options for ultraviolet light for room disinfection are available but many do not offer a high level of performance.

Problems that call for additional sanitizing procedures:

  • Less than 50% of hospital room surfaces are adequately cleaned and disinfected when chemical germicides are used. The overall thoroughness of terminal cleaning is an average of 49%.
  • Each day, about 1 in 31 U.S. patients has at least one infection associated with hospital care. That is 1.7 million patients with an estimated 98,000 patients dying because of improper sanitation.
  • The cost of HAI’s from a Surgical Site infection costing around $18,902-$22,667 per incident C.diff infection costing $9,118-$13,574 per infection.

Your Partner in UV Disinfection, Sterilization and Value

We’ve worked with many hospitals in their UV light sterilization operating room needs or overall UV disinfection hospital procedures. Our company is built on being your partner in value and performance.

Financial Impact:

Skytron offers solutions designed to deliver the highest performance with the lowest overall cost of ownership, a positive feature for the UV light disinfection hospitals choose. Skytron’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) program provides customers with a plan to prevent as much uv light sterilization equipment down-time as possible. We also work with hospitals on a defined annual cost of ownership for confident budgeting.

  • Reduce HAI’S
  • Reduce HAC Score

KLM Medical Equipment is an authorized provider of Skytron for Kansas and Western Missouri.

About Skytron

Skytron is a Healthcare Efficiency Specialist for clinical solutions, infection prevention, clinical business intelligence, architectural products all backed with excellent service and training. Well-recognized in the medical and clinical community, Skytron is an OEM distributor providing solutions that are engineered to last with a lower cost of ownership.

Don’t compromise the safety of your patients or staff.

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