Integrity 175 Skytron Sterilizer

Skytron Integrity Sterilizers for Western Missouri and All of Kansas

Skytron has designed the steam sterilizer line to give your organization the best in increased throughput and higher productivity. When it comes to steam sterilization machine technology, we understand that your needs are unique – in capacity, efficiency, speed, space, and more. That’s why we’ve developed a family of sterilizers that meets the needs of a broad range of healthcare environments.

The Integrity line of steam sterilizers builds on Skytron’s history of quality and innovation with industry-changing efficiency, throughput, ease of use, and use of space. Whether you’re outfitting a new facility, renovating an older one, or simply replacing outdated technology, Integrity brings superior technology and versatility that improves your steam steriliser processing workflow.

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Easy to Operate

  • Easily check cycle status with a large countdown timer and progress bar
  • Electric power door offers hand-free control
  • 12 preset standard cycles with room for 12 more custom cycles for a total of 24 cycle choices
  • Integrity 175 models are compact – a great choice for a tight footprint
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    Integrity Steam Sterilizers ensure durability, performance, long-life and trouble-free operation

    • Fully jacketed stainless-steel chambers
    • High quality Bürkert steam valves
    • Chain-driven electric-powered doors
    • Stainless steel and copper piping

    Integrity Steam Sterilizers also ensure your equipment is up and running

    • System-wide monitoring of parts for predictive maintenance
    • On-screen diagnostics
    • 24/ 7/365 technical support
    • Stainless steel and copper piping

    Dual-Walled, Fully Jacketed Construction

    • Provides even temperature control
    • Reduces the potential for cool spots exhibited in partially jacketed sterilizers

    Equip Your Sterile Processing Department with exactly what you need

    Skytron is the first in the market to offer an integrated water conservation system, reducing water consumption by 35% to 65%. Also, process up to two times more than the competition in a smaller footprint. We offer three different sizes of Integrity Sterilizers so we can outfit your Sterile Processing Department with exactly what you need.

    • Conserve Water – Skytron Integrity Sterilizers feature a water recirculation system within the existing footprint using 65% less water than comparative steam steriliser models
    • Save Time – Create custom cycles to run exactly how you want.
    • Preserve Space – Integrity 215 handles twice the throughput of our nearest steam sterilizer competitor in a smaller footprint.

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    About Skytron

    Skytron is a Healthcare Efficiency Specialist for clinical solutions, infection prevention, clinical business intelligence, architectural products all backed with excellent service and training. Well-recognized in the medical and clinical community, Skytron is an OEM distributor providing solutions that are engineered to last with a lower cost of ownership.

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