Surgical Mattress Pads

Patient comfort is just as important as patient safety. However, not all medical positioning devices and equipment offer patients with comfort on the operating table–but we’re here to change that! By offering surgical mattress pad technology, we are changing the game when it comes to safety, convenience, and comfort in the operating room.

At KLM Medical Equipment we are proud to partner with Infinitus Medical Technologies to offer your facility surgical table pads that provide warmth, comfort, and vital heat transfer during surgical procedures. With over 20 years of experience providing patient positioning devices and technologies, we understand the importance of reliable and quality surgical positioning equipment. It’s for this reason that we are intentional in our partnerships, ensuring that we provide only the most functional and durable medical positioning devices for your facility.

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    Surgical Table Mattress Replacements

    Your surgical table’s mattress is an important component of your surgical positioning equipment. From offering comfort and stability to providing enhanced safety, and more, your surgical mattress pads need to be in top shape to accommodate all of your patients. Whether you’re a Urologist, Orthopedic surgeon, or general physician, we have the surgical table pads you need to improve the look, feel, and function of your surgical positioning equipment. Not sure if you need surgical table mattress replacements? Here are some things to consider:

    • Comfort – Are your surgical mattress pads accommodating your patient’s comfort needs? Do they offer rebound support? If not, it’s time for new pads.
    • Age – How long has it been since you replaced your surgical mattress pads? If your pads are old and outdated, then it may be time to have them replaced with new pad technology.
    • Aesthetic – If your surgical table pads are ripped or deteriorated, it can reflect poorly on your practice. Replace your old and outdated surgical table pads with the innovation and style of Infinitus Medical Technologies.

    Surgical Mattress Pads with Rebound Support

    These surgical mattress pads do not use memory foam. Other brands that offer memory foam surgical mattress pads only absorb some pressure and don’t address rebound support. Rebound support is crucial in optimizing pressure management for surgical patients. The surgical table pads that we provide are characterized by indentation force deflection, which determines fitness and softness, both important qualities in surgical mattress pads.

    Infinitus surgical mattress pads are equipped with PneumaFOM® technology. This offers comfort similar to memory foam with the added benefit of rebound support. With stable temperatures that don’t exceed 100°F, these reinforced surgical table pads enhance stability and safety. Some defining characteristics of these surgical mattress pads include:

    • Pressure Absorption
    • Rebound Support
    • Pressure Management
    • Temperature Stability (0°F-100°)
    • Quality Outer Coverings (with thread over sewn seams)
    • Enhanced Friction Coefficient
    • Velcro Strips
    • Long-Lasting Design

    No Memory Foam

    Surgical Mattress Pads Special Memory Foam Design

    Don’t compromise the safety of your patients or staff.

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