VisiWrap Robot

Face Protection for Robotic and Trendelenburg Surgical Procedures

Endorsed by Surgeons and Anesthesia Providers

The VisiWrapTM Robot is designed for superior surgery face protection for supine surgeries as well as steep Trendelenburg positions.

Part of the award-winning VisiWrapTM Face Protection from April Surgical Products, the Robot was created to offset operating room issues and enhance patient safety. Intended for use in Robotic and Steep Trendelenburg procedures as an alternative to the mayo stand. VisiWrapTM Robot keeps the patient’s face and airway protected when the arms of the Robot or surgical instruments come in contact with the face.

Conceived by a CRNA, the VisiWrapTM Robot provides excellent intubation protection as well as protecting the patient’s face from surgical instruments, suction tubing, robotic arms, or any other object that might come into contact during surgery.


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    Superior Robotic Surgery Face Protection

    The VisiWrapTM Robot offers supine surgery face protection beyond previously possible. Designed by a CRNA frustrated by previous surgical face protection, the Robot solves many problems that could cause harm to the patient including:

    • Surgical face protectors that take too long to remove. Previous surgery face masks were held together to the patient or the surgery bed by tape. In the event of an emergency, anesthesia medical staff needs to get to patients as soon as possible. The VisiWrapTM Robot tears away easily for airway emergencies.
    • Essential tubes could be hit or damaged. Traditional supine surgery face masks do not provide any protection for the tubes or other medical equipment used during surgery. These tubes are left exposed and can be hit by robotic arms, providers’ elbows, or surgical instruments. The VisiWrapTM Robot is designed with bilateral slots to hold any tubes including endotracheal, oral gastric, nasal/esophageal tubes and temperature monitors.
    • Open areas left patients exposed. When left with open areas, instruments could fall onto the patients exposed face, especially in a Trendelenburg position. Supine surgery face protection needs to have complete eye and face protection including for robotic surgery. The VisiWrapTM Robot has a deep foam design with optional eye protection to protect patients from unwanted pressure and weight place on the face during the procedure including surgical instruments, suction tubing, and provider elbows.
    • Potential to cause nerve damage. Unless specifically designed for as a surgical face protector, the pressure of a barrier taped down, along with anything placed on top, could have the potential to cause damage. The VisiWrapTM Robot is specifically designed to not put pressure on the eyes, nose, or mouth.

    The VisiWrapTM Robot surgical face protection has been endorsed by surgeons and anesthesia providers. With the rise in robotic surgeries, including Da Vinci surgeries, the Robot provides complete confidence in protecting the patient. Genitourinary system surgeries or other surgeries requiring steep Trendelenburg positions also benefit from the safety and security of the Robot.

    “VisiWrap provides exceptional protection of the patient’s face and eyes during robotic surgery and any other procedure where instruments and other objects may come in contact with the patient from the sterile field side of the surgical drapes. There is ample open space provided to access the mouth for assessment of the ET tube, placement of oral gastric tubes, and temperature monitors. VisiWrap is easy to place and its wrap design allows it to accommodate many different sized patients. It is by far the best patient face/eye protection device I have used as it provides excellent protection and has a smart simple design facilitating placement.”

    – Dr. Aaron K D.O., Anesthesiologist

    Distributed by KLM Medical Equipment
    Manufactured by April Surgical Products

    US Patent No.:
    US: D832,448
    EU: 9,723,881


    Innovative Intubation Protection

    The VisiWrapTM face protection series, including the Robot, are the only one-time use surgical face protector with bilateral endotracheal slots for access to both sides of the surgery mask. The bilateral slots allow various tubes to be secured on either side of the patient and out of the way of robotic arms, instruments, provider’s elbows and more. The bilateral slots, quick tear-away design and facial protection makes the VisiWrapTM Robot the ultimate safeguard in anesthesia intubation protection.


    About April Surgical Products

    The VisiWrapTM Face Protection series was designed by Kristin Mikel, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, in response to what she saw as a need for a product that created a lightweight barrier between the patient’s face and the surgical field. Previous barriers were make-shift solutions that left patients without intubation protection, were taped together and composed of different pieces that did not allow a quick release option in case of emergency. Kristin invented the VisiWrapTM Face Protection series with the only bilateral slots in the industry for endotracheal, oral gastric, nasal/esophageal tubes, temperature monitors or any other medical equipment that needs to be kept out of the way of surgical instruments, robotic arms, and provider elbows.

    April Surgical Products have won the praise and endorsement of surgeons and anesthesia providers. The ready-to-use, lightweight solution benefits providers and patients to increase safety and outcomes.

    • Winner of the 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products award
    • Created by a CRNA with significant operating room experience
    • Featured in Outpatient Magazine
    • Used by doctors providing robotic surgical procedures, including Da Vinci
    • Presented at the Michigan Association of Nurse Anesthesiologists (MANA)
    • Presented at the American Society of Anesthesiologists
    • Featured at industry trade events

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