Surgical Face Protection

Are you looking for a dependable professional to get your shoulders and face fixed? Are you apprehensive of the surgical procedure? Let the experts at KLM Medical Equipment take you through the details of a surgical face protection procedure. Our Surgeons use April Surgical Products which are known as the optimal face protection equipment for supine and beach chair position. Being in this business for over 20 years, our doctors have the knowledge and the experience to perform these acute surgeries. Our primary aim, at KLM Medical Equipment, has always been to create a long-term patient and provider relationship by offering top-notch solutions to our patients. We use the VisiWrap series, introduced by a CRNA, which was initially developed to avoid any problems that might arise during these surgeries. 

Surgical Face Protection

Below we have mentioned 2 common types of surgical face protection services offered at KLM Medical Equipment. Take a look. 

  • VisiWrap for Beach Chair 

This is the latest innovation when it comes to shoulder face protection.  This procedure is preferred as its lightweight, quick and easy to perform and the Beach Chair is designed keeping the convenience of the patient in mind. This chair helps in keeping the head and neck of the patient in neutral alignment secures the position of the head for the surgery. In this procedure additional eye protection is also available.  

  • VisiWrap Robot 

This VisiWrap version, endorsed by many surgeons and anaesthesia providers, is meant for a more superior and complicated surgery. Primarily this was intended for robotic and trendelenburg procedures.  While the robot is coming in contact with the patient’s face, this VisiWrap Robot will protect your face from the robotic arms, suction tube, and other surgical instruments. It is a modern trustworthy procedure. 

So, if you want to undergo a surgical face protection surgical procedure, you can get in touch with us on 913-449-3665.