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KLM Medical Equipment provides quality medical capital equipment and positioning devices for acute care hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. The innovative products we offer have been designed by medical staff for safe, effective, and problem-solving solutions in the operating room and hospital care. We are proud to represent products that enhance safety for both patients and providers. Headquartered in Kansas, we represent companies within our home territory and neighboring states including Match Grade Medical; Nationwide, we represent Infinitus Medical Technologies.

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The companies we represent are leaders in their fields in terms of ease of use, patient safety, and value. Some companies may have a product that only benefits the bottom line or fast return. The manufacturers we carry start with quality and advanced products that incorporate innovative functional and safety designs. These products bring immediate benefits to the patients, operating staff, surgeons, and organizations through operating room efficiency and safety. The benefits continue to filter down in terms of effectiveness, recovery, and problem mitigation to improve outcomes and liability. But the high quality our partners create does not come with a high cost. Our partners believe all organizations have the right to quality medical equipment at fair prices. The result is low-cost quality alternatives to many competitors.

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Your facility deserves the best medical and surgical positioning equipment on the market, and at KLM Medical Equipment, we’re here to provide it for you! With a range of patient positioning devices that exceed industry standards, we go above and beyond to offer you affordable, tested, problem-solving solutions with more features than our competitors. Offering medical and surgical positioning equipment that is specifically designed to solve common issues in patient positioning, our patient positioning devices improve efficiency and safety not only for patients but for your medical team.

By partnering with reputable industry leaders in patient positioning devices, we work with you and your budget to find you the most advanced solutions at the best rates. Our medical and surgical positioning equipment solutions for your hospital and/or clinic include:


Medical Positioning Equipment, Foot & Knee Surgery Positioning, Da Vinci Surgical Face Protection, and More

A Comprehensive Approach to Medical Equipment

Our 20 years of experience has taught us how we can be strategic partners with the organizations we sell to in creating long-term patient and provider solutions. This applies to both the manufacturers we represent as well as the hospitals and surgical centers we sell to. We bring the products to the centers that improve surgical outcomes and results. We know that successful outcomes, reduced liability, and efficiency are important to all surgical organizations. It is with these goals, we present our products, coordinate the appropriate training, and follow up with great customer service even long after the sale is complete. If you haven’t worked with us before, or would like to learn about new products, go to our contact page. We are confident in the products we sell and look forward to answering any questions you have. We are available for sales presentations, both virtual and in-person. Demonstrations are available upon request.

In addition to our nationally available products and services, we also provide surgical tables, surgical lights, and medical steam sterilizers locally throughout Kansas and Missouri.

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