Cardiac Patient Positioning

During cardiac surgery, there’s no room for error. Cardiac medical positioning devices, such as Trendelenburg positioning devices, are designed to increase safety and comfort for patients and surgical staff. Deciding on the right surgical positioning equipment can be difficult, but with KLM Medical Equipment, we make finding the cardiac patient positioning devices you are looking for, easy!

Cardiac Patient Positioning Devices

At KLM Medical Equipment, we make finding optimum patient positioning devices hassle-free by providing you with a range of cardiac positioning devices from the most revered equipment providers in the business. With strategic partnerships with the nation’s top manufacturers, we are proud to provide you with the best surgical positioning equipment on the market.

Trendelenburg Positioning Pad

Trendelenburg Positioning Pad for Cardiac Patient PositioningThe Trendelenburg position is achieved through the use of Trendelenburg positioning devices that improve access to lower abdominal and pelvic areas. Utilizing gravity and Trendelenburg positioning pads, patients are placed in a reverse position with their feet elevated above their heads.

In certain instances, the Trendelenburg position is used in cardiac surgery, for instance, in periods of hemodynamic instability. While there is a range of Trendelenburg positioning systems on the market, not all Trendelenburg positioning devices are built the same. Having reliable, Trendelenburg positioning pads can improve the safety of cardiac surgeries and reduce the risks of injury, discomfort, and/or slips. At KLM Medical Equipment we are proud to provide a range of Trendelenburg positioning systems, devices, and padding, such as:

  • Genesis Bi-Wing AAP – This Trendelenburg positioning pad is the first of its kind. Combining foam padding with adduction technology, this pad offers superior stability, excellent traction, and supreme efficacy.
  • Hadron FPLS – As an irreplaceable technology in Trendelenburg positioning systems, the Hadron FPLS offers excellent traction, convenience, and comfort to patients undergoing cardiac surgeries and/or procedures. With 8 handles, large patients don't have to worry about slips on the operating table.

Medical Positioning Devices for Cardiac Patient Positioning

At KLM Medical Equipment, we offer a range of medical positioning devices for cardiac patient surgeries and procedures. Understanding the intricacies of safety and efficiency in the operating room, we partner with leading manufacturers of surgical positioning equipment to improve patient experiences during cardiac surgery.

From Trendelenburg positioning systems to other patient positioning devices, we’re here to provide you the unmatched technology you need to keep your surgical staff and patients safe. Other Medical positioning equipment that aids in cardiac patient positioning includes:

  • iON ESPS – This patient positioning device streamlines arm adduction, so your patients are fully supported, comfortable, and prepared for cardiac procedures and monitoring.
  • Kyber SSC – Designed with obese patients in mind, the Kyber is “the industry's first and only universal curved fixed retractor post”. As an adaptable technology, overweight patients are more secure during cardiac operations.