KLM Medical Equipment is a leading provider of medical capital equipment and positioning devices for acute care hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. We offer quality products and back them up with great customer service long after the sale is complete. The innovative products we offer have been designed by medical staff for safe, effective, and problem-solving solutions in both the operating room and patient care. We are proud to represent products and equipment that enhance safety for both patients and providers.


Temperature Screening Kiosk


Keep your staff and patients safe during these uncertain times. Employees or Visitors are greeted by a welcome message on screen notifying them to use hand sanitizer. Any business that is open can benefit from a temperature scanner kiosk at their entrance to keep customers and employees safe and compliant. Contact KLM Medical Equipment for a quote and to place an order today!


Surgical Face Protection

for Robotic and Trendelenburg Surgical Procedures

The VisiWrap face protection series was developed by a CRNA to avoid potential operating room issues experienced during acute surgeries. The VisiWrap series provides intubation face protection for both shoulder surgery face protection and robotic surgery face protection. Endorsed by surgeons and anesthesia providers, VisiWrap provides anesthesia intubation protection combined in an award-winning protective surgery face mask.

VisiWrap Beach Chair

Surgical Face Protection for Shoulder Surgery

Safe and secure supine surgery face protection for anesthetized patients in beach chair position. Designed for exceptional security in an easy-to-use solution for all supine and shoulder surgery face protection with channels for intubation.

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VisiWrap Robot

Face Protection for Robotic and Trendelenburg Surgical Procedures

Exceptional protection for a patients’ face and eyes during robotic surgery. This surgery face mask is designed for both supine surgery face protection as well as Trendelenburg face protection.

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By Infinitus Medical Technologies

Infinitus Medical Technologies (IMT®) provides patient position solutions for patient safety as well as the safety of medical personnel. Founded by surgical providers for surgical providers, IMT® has advanced Trendelendburg positioning large patients by creating the first Trendelenburg positioning pad with handles.

The Hadron FPLS®
(foam pad lift system)

Provides excellent traction and security to patients while delivering convenience to medical personnel charged with moving patients of any size. Surgical staff will never have to lift heavy patients to lithotomy by hand or sheet again!

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The Genesis Bi-Wing AAP®

Designed as a Trendelenburg stabilizer and beyond, it provides excellent care processes when arm adduction or Trendelenburg is required for surgical care. This patient positioning device is available on contract through FSS, GSA, and DAPA.

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KLM Medical Equipment is an
authorized seller of all IMT® innovative solutions including:

  • The Hadron FPLS®
  • The Genesis Bi-Wing AAP® positioning system
  • The Prometheus STPS® bariatric table converter
  • The iON ESPS® arm adduction
  • The Kyber SSC® bariatric curved fixed retractor post
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KLM Medical Equipment is an authorized provider of Skytron for Kansas and Western Missouri.

Skytron is a Healthcare Efficiency Specialist for clinical solutions, infection prevention, clinical business intelligence, architectural products all backed with excellent service and training. Well-recognized in the medical and clinical community, Skytron is an OEM distributor providing solutions that are engineered to last with a lower cost of ownership.

Complete technology, solutions, and architecture for:



LogiQuip solves storage and distribution issues with the best products and designs possible. They believe “space” to be one of the hospital’s most expensive capital assets; as such, their philosophy is to use every cubic inch of that very expensive space. Their focus is on maintaining infection control standards and functional ergonomics, which are key areas in healthcare storage and distribution. Their products work in synergy: What they’ve designed for the OR can work in the Cath Lab and vice versa. LogiQuip has the most varied line of storage and distribution products for all areas of the hospital, from the receiving dock to the OR.

Match Grade Medical

The Ladderloc Knee Holder from Match Grade Medical is an innovative design created to provide superior versatility, usability, and cleaning ability to an already familiar design. The aluminum allow surgical knee positioner provides a stable locked-in position for surgeons to control flexion and extension. Designed for integrity, the Ladderloc will not lose shape, bend, or crack. The system also has a 100% wipeable surface with no crevices or other compromising areas to collect organic debris. KLM Medical is proud to represent Match Grade Medical throughout Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.


About KLM Medical Equipment

Our staff includes experienced medical sales personnel with more than 20 years in the business.

We have created strategic partnerships with innovative companies bringing new products that provide solutions to common operating room problems. Working with innovators brings an energy to our sales staff with enthusiasm for new products we are excited to share. If you haven’t worked with us before, or would like to learn about new products, go to our contact page. We are always available to answer any questions you have and are available for sales presentations, both virtual and in-person. Demonstrations are available upon request.

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  • “VisiWrap Beach Chair keeps the head and neck in neutral alignment and secures the head safely to the operating room table. Bilateral endotracheal tube slits make it easy to secure the tube opposite the operative side.”

    – Kyle C, CRNA

  • "VisiWrap is easy to place and its wrap design allows it to accommodate many different sized patients. It is by far the best patient face/eye protection device I have used as it provides excellent protection and has a smart simple design facilitating placement.”

    – Dr. Aaron K D.O. Anesthesiologist

  • "VisiWrap is easy to place and its wrap design allows it to accommodate many different sized patients. It is by far the best patient face/eye protection device I have used as it provides excellent protection and has a smart simple design facilitating placement.”

    – Dr. Aaron K D.O. Anesthesiologist


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