Knee Surgery Positioner & Alvarado Style Foot Holder

Ladderloc Surgical Knee Positioner System

Compare to the Alvarado Knee Holder and Stabilizer

The Ladderloc surgical knee positioner is developed from high strength aluminum alloy. It is longer, more stable and most importantly respects the integrity of the sterile field. Thanks to the patented Fieldloc Technology, the Ladderloc mounts securely on top of the surgical drapes and locks into place for any procedure. This allows surgeons to have complete control of the flexion and extension of their patient’s leg while providing an easy-to-use, rock solid base on which to operate. Users familiar with the Alvarado knee holder will find the Ladderloc knee positioner a welcome advancement in surgical knee support.

Complete Ladderloc Support System

  • Ladderloc Sterile Component Top Rail
  • Universal Mounting Platform
  • Foot Holder
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    Positioning Matters

    The knee positioner system reduces hands on the patient and preoperative resource time. Our foot holder is stronger and won’t lose its shape, bend or crack even with heavy use. The hourglass shape and construction allows for a firm wrap that stays in place while offering greater foot stabilization. The Ladderloc System is a knee stabilizer that hospitals will get a significant return on investment.

    Versatile. Sterile. Easy to Use.

    The Fieldloc has 100% wipeable surfaces and no hidden crevices to hide organic debris. The Thigh Bolster Tower accessory for the Ladderloc gives lateral support at all flexion angles and can be used in conjunction with popliteal support.
    Upgrade your ladder rail system and let Ladderloc be your solution for better positioning and protecting the patient during all types of surgeries including knee elbow position.

    Sterile Foot Holder Pads

    Now also offering optional food holder pads: sterile padding for patient protection.

    Product Features

    • Sterile, individually wrapped pad sets
    • Memory foam pads for comfort support
    • One roll of sterile cohesive wrap included in each set
    • This product is not made with natural rubber latex

    System Includes

    8 Sets of Sterile Pads:

    Each Set Includes:

    – 1 x Sterile Foot Holder Pad
    – 1 x Cohesive Wrap

    Sterile foot holder pads

    The Top Rail

    The Ladderloc rail system is a significant upgrade from the familiar Alvarado type adjustment rails. They are longer (giving you increased flexion adjustment), stronger (constructed of high strength aluminum alloy), more stable, and easier to set up than the Alvarado knee positioner. The rail is compatible with our standard Fieldloc base, for unmatched respect for the sterile field.

    Mounting Platform

    The patented Fieldloc technology is the foundation that gives the Match Grade Medical knee positioners their rock-solid foundation and unfailing support. This universal mounting platform resides outside the sterile field and can be used with multiple sterile component sets to reduce equipment cost.
    SKU: #FL50

    Alvarado foot holder

    The Foot Holder

    Foot holder shape and construction allows for firm wrap and greater foot stabilization during knee alignment surgery and lateral knee positioning needs. The hourglass shape is designed to hold foot and ankle securely, and lobed wings keep elastic wrap in place. The stronger more durable material will not bend or crack over time. Designed to work with the Ladderloc as well as a compatable upgrade to the Alvarado knee positioner.
    SKU: #AF855

    Bolster for surgical knee positioner

    Thigh Bolster Tower

    Thigh bolster tower gives lateral support at all flexion angles and can be used in conjunction with popliteal support. Mounts easily to the end of the rail and can be removed and replaced if needed during procedure. Performs as the leg holder knee surgery requires.
    SKU: #LL2100

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