Pain Management and Urology Tables

Surgical tables are perhaps the most important and critical aspects of medical positioning. While pads, arm rests, handles, and pegs are responsible for intricate movement, surgical tables are the foundation of medical positioning equipment on which patients are positioned for important procedures and surgeries. It’s crucial that surgical tables, pain management tables, c arm compatible operating tables, and urology tables are doing their job. If your surgical tables and other patient positioning devices are outdated, then we can help you find the surgical positioning equipment your facility needs.

Pain Management Tables and Urology Tables

At KLM Medical Equipment, we are proud to provide a range of patient positioning devices to a nationwide audience. Working closely with leaders in urology table and pain management c-arm table designs, we offer you the best technology at the best rates. From spinal imaging to urinary tract procedures, our surgical positioning equipment and surgical tables give you optimal safety, vantage, and access during procedures.

Pain Management C-Arm Table

C arm compatible operating tableC-arm compatible operating tables are the backbone of image-guided procedures that require stability, access, and precision. Not only do hospitals and surgical centers benefit from pain management c-arm tables, but pain management tables are ideal for physician offices as well. The surgical tables we offer are renowned for having 5 different motions and FDA listings for high-quality medical positioning equipment you can rely on.

Working closely with OakWorks Medical Products, we are proud to offer you a selection of pain management c-arm tables that make your job easier and improve patient stability. Our c-arm compatible operating table devices include:

  • CFPM400 Integrated Headrest Imaging-Pain Management Table
  • CFPM400-Rectangular Top Imaging-Pain Management Table
  • CFPM401-Integrated Headrest Imaging-Pain Management Table
  • CFPM401-Rectangular-Top Imaging-Pain Management Table
  • CFPM300-Integrated Headrest Imaging-Pain Management Table
  • CFPM300-Rectangular Top Imaging-Pain Management Table
  • CFPM301-Integrated Headrest Imaging-Pain Management Table
  • CFPM301-Rectangular-Top Imaging-Pain Management Table
  • CFPMB301 Rectangular Top Imaging-Pain Management Table
  • CFPM100-Integrated Headrest Imaging-Pain Management Table
  • CFPM100-Rectangular Top Imaging-Pain Management Table
  • DTPM300
  • Single Carbon Fiber Arm Board
  • Fluoro Extender

Urology Tables

Urology tables

Urology tables are an important patient positioning device that aids Urologists in safely achieving urology procedures. These procedures may include:

  • Vasectomy
  • Cystoscopy
  • Prostate Procedures
  • Ureteroscopy
  • Lithotripsy
  • Orchiopexy
  • Penile Plication, etc.

While all Urologists need urology tables, not all surgical tables are built the same. If you’re in the market for reliable medical positioning equipment, then we can give you a hand. We carry a range of urology table models from OakWork Medical Products to ensure that you get optimal technology that makes your job easier and keeps your patients safe. We provide urology table equipment such as:

  • CFUR301
  • CFUR401
  • CFLU401 Lithotripsy-Urology
  • Urology Table Drape
  • Lithotripsy Table Drape