Broadhead Lateral Positioner

The Broadhead Pegboard System is more than just an anterior lateral hip positioning system, this unique patent pending system is the most versatile, easy to use, easy to clean pegboard on the market.

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    Bariatric Broadhead Pegboard System

    • 1 Bariatric Pegboard (47.5″ x 22.75″)
    • 12” Double-Wide Pegs (set of 4)
    • 9” Double-Wide Pegs (set of 2)
    • 6” Double-Wide Peg Extensions (set of 2)
    • 2 Hold-Down Clamps

    Total Broadhead Pegboard System SKU: #HP2000

    Standard Broadhead Pegboard System

    • 1 Pegboard (47.5″ x 18.75″)
    • 9” Double-Wide Pegs (set of 4)
    • 6” Double-Wide Pegs (set of 2)
    • 4” Double-Wide Peg Extensions (set of 2)
    • 2 Hold-Down Clamps

    Total Broadhead Pegboard System SKU: #HP1000

    Alvarado foot holder

    Double-Wide Pegs

    Compared to the industry standard round pegs, ours offer nearly 4 inches of flat bearing surface. All pegs are autoclave compatible and radiolucent.

    Pegs available in 12”, 9”, 6” standard and pivot. Also 4” extensions.

    Bolster for surgical knee positioner

    Broadhead Pegboard

    Pegboard available in Standard and Bariatric. It’s unique broad surface is designed to help reduce the occurrence of pressure injuries during procedures.

    Standard Board SKU: #HP100
    Bariatric/Supine Board SKU:  #HP200

    Surgical Foam Pad

    Disposable foam pads are available in a carton of 5 sets. Each set includes 1 body pad and 8 peg pads.

    Surgical Foam Pad SKU: #FP4500

    Hold–Down Clamps

    These Multi-purpose hold down clamps offer better support for the pegboard and customization when it comes to positioning each patient.

    Hold–Down Clamps SKU: #HPC4

    Fieldloc Knee Holder

    Standard Non-sterile Body Pads.

    Standard size, non-sterile body pad is multi- layered for added protection and comfort for the patient. Body pad size is 47 x 15 x 1.

    Fieldloc Knee Holder

    Individual Peg Pads

    Individual peg pads stick directly to hip positioning peg with temporary adhesive. Will not wrinkle or bottom out. Pad size is 3.5” x 6”.

    Don’t compromise the safety of your patients or staff.

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