Ankle Distraction

Speedloc Precision Ankle Distraction System for Ankle Arthroscopy. The most innovative ankle distractor available.

  • Compact design gets you closer to the patient.
  • Ideal choice for ankle arthroscopy distraction.
  • Preferred distractor for trauma and suprapatellar tibial nailing.
  • Maximum precision and feel while applying traction.
  • No complicated mechanical equipment to work around.
  • Places surgeon in direct alignment with the leg.
  • Tool free disassembly for ease of cleaning
  • Zero-travel Speedloc anti-reverse system.
  • Patented Fieldloc mounting system respects the sterile field.
  • Standard ankle strap design, gives familiarity to setup.
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    The Match Grade Medical Speedloc Ankle Distractor System is the ideal choice for arthroscopy and trauma. The precision and simplicity shine through in setup, operation, and cleaning.

    Speedloc is quick and easy to adjust, giving the surgeon total control and feel of the traction being applied. The innovative, compact design eliminates the cables and knobs used in other outdated distractors, and brings you closer to your patient, with nothing to get in your way.

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    Don’t compromise the safety of your patients or staff.

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