The Hadron FPLS®

The First and Original Foam Pad Lift System!

“The only positioning product on the market allowing providers to lift and move both patient and pad when adjusting patient position or moving into lithotomy”

The Hadron FPLS® (Foam Pad Lift System) provides excellent traction and security to patients while delivering convenience to medical personnel charged with moving patients of any size. Surgical staff will never have to lift heavy patients to lithotomy by hand or sheet again!

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    Movable Patient Pad from Induction to Incision

    From anesthesia access to airway to safe ergonomic patient moving, The Hadron FPLS® is better for both patient and operating room personnel safety.  With 8 handles, the patient’s weight can be easily distributed requiring less effort and strain for Trendelenburg positioning high BMI patients.

    Starting patients with their head at the table provides excellent position for anesthesia intubation. Transferring patients to the table will never compromise airway access for intubation. After intubation, Hadron FLPS® becomes a Trendelenburg positioning device to safety move the patient into position for lithotomy.

    Improves Safety and Workflow

    As the only positioning pad with handles, the Hadron FLPS® utilizes good ergonomics for surgical staff to move the patient as necessary both for convenience as well as enhanced safety. The skin friendly pad then provides excellent traction and secure retention without stressing skin-to-pad connection for even the longest surgeries. The thick pad evenly distributes weight while providing temperature control.

    SKU: FPLS-1000
    Packed 10 units per Box


    Hadron trendelenburg positioning in use

    *Seen with the iON ESPS® arm adduction system for 100% pad to skin contact needed for maximum traction.

    Superior Trendelenburg positioning pad design for both patient and operation staff

    The superior design for both patient and operation staff makes the Hadron FLPS® the choice as the ultimate Trendelenburg positioning pad with handles.

    • First and only foam pad lift system
    • Superior intubation position before moving to lithotomy
    • Trendelenburg stabilizer with exceptional traction and secure retention
    • Weight distribution for lifting patients
    • Thick foam bad absorbs pressure on bony protrusions
    • Tested on bariatric patients up to 500 lbs
    • 8 handles for lifting and moving patients
    • Reduces skin friction, pulling and moving
    • Latex free and non-irritating
    • Everything for position in a single-use kit including chest strap, chest pad and arm adduction sheet
    • Compatible with warming devices
    • Pre-cut and ready to use

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