The Genesis Bi-Wing AAP® Trendelenburg Positioning System & Surgical Pad

Patient Positioning

For Trendelenburg and Beyond!

Evolving the Processes of Patient Positioning!

The Medical Industry’s First and Only Foam Lift Pad and Arm Adduction System

The Genesis Bi-Wing AAP® (Arm Adduction Pad) combines a foam lift pad and arm adduction system to evolve the process of Trendelenburg patient positioning. The Genesis is a combination of arm adduction processes, safe patient handling, positioning ergonomic practices, staff utilization reduction and 100% pad-to-skin contact needed for traction and efficacy. The Genesis system also includes the only Trendelenburg positioning pad with handles, the Hadron FPLS®, on the market. This device is available on contract through FSS, GSA, and DAPA.

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    A Trendelenburg Positioning Solution That’s Safer for All!


    Finally, a Trendelenburg positioning pad that keeps both patients and surgical staff safe!

    A quick and easy solution as both a Trendelenburg pad and an arm adduction pad, the Genesis solves many of the problems of safely moving and securing patients.

    • Trendelenburg positioning large patients – The Genesis was designed to assist surgical staff with Trendelenburg positioning high bmi patients up to 500 lbs. The six handles on the positioning pad help distribute weight and provide ergonomic handling. Read more about the Hadron pad included with the Genesis here.
    • Trendelenburg stabilizer – With excellent traction and efficacy, the Genesis is the ideal Trendelenburg positioning device with superior stability. The large surface area is safe for skin contact while providing outstanding hold. The Genesis also comes with a large chest strap for securing patients in a steep Trendelenburg position.
    • Arm Adduction Pad – Easy arm adduction positioning pad all in one piece. No more working with different parts for each arm, pad, and other Trendelenburg positioning pad pieces. And, no more time spent taping various pieces together.
    • Positioning pad with handles – Like our Hadron FPLS®, the Genesis is the only foam pad lift system on the market. Especially essential for large patients but also for patients of all size, intubation can be done with the patient’s head at the end of the table and then the patient can be moved easily and safely into position for lithotomy surgical positions.
    • Developed by surgical and anesthesia providers – The Genesis solves many of the nuisances experienced by surgical staff. As a Trendelenburg position pad with handles, the Genesis benefits surgeons, anesthetists, surgical staff and more.
    • Easy to use, secure and intubation friendly, the Genesis Bi-Wing AAP® is a full Trendelenburg positioning solution.

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