Trendelenburg Pad and Lift System for Steep Trendelenburg/Robotic Patient Positioning and Accessories

Safety is of paramount importance during robotic surgeries and procedures. Patient safety can be achieved through the use of surgical positioning equipment. These medical positioning devices, such as Trendelenburg positioning devices, prevent patients from slips, injury, and discomfort on the operating table.

From robotic surgery face protection to Trendelenburg positioning pads and everything in between, we have all the tools you need to conduct robotic surgery safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Our System Offers:

• 100% Skin To Pad Contact
• Lifts Pad and Patient Together
• All In One System With Adjustable Arm Positioners
• Reliable/Repeatable Process For All Patient Sizes
• Easy Access to Arms During Procedure
• Better Airway Management with Azul

Trendelenburg/Robotic Patient Positioning

At KLM Medical Equipment, we pride ourselves on a legacy of excellence in providing optimal surgical positioning equipment to a nationwide audience. Through strategic partnerships with the most respected medical equipment manufacturers in the business, we offer you a selection of patient positioning devices that, when used in harmony, aid in safety and comfort during robotic/Trendelenburg procedures.

Trendelenburg Positioning System and Robotic Surgery Face Protection

For over two decades we have been the preferred choice for medical positioning devices. With Trendelenburg positioning systems and robotic face protection devices, we have all the necessary pieces of equipment to improve safety and convenience for patients during robotic procedures. Understanding that safety starts with quality equipment, we work with the best surgical positioning manufacturers to offer you the best medical position devices on the market.

  • Genesis Bi-Wing AAP – As the industry's first foam life pad and arm adduction system, this positioning device offers outstanding hold and stabilizes patients with positioning pad handles and large chest straps for added security.
  • Azul ITPW – This Trendelenburg positioning pad moves with your patient and supports natural body positioning to prevent patients from moving up elevated shoulder ramps during procedures.
  • VisiWrap – Compared to DaVinci face protection equipment, the VisiWrap robotic face protection device provides optimal face protection and convenience for surgical staff. No more worrying about damaging surgical equipment or putting patients at risk!
  • Kyber SSC – This bariatric curved fixed retractor post improves safety for obese patients undergoing procedures. Not only does this device improve safety, but it adapts to your current retractor accessories.

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Trendelenburg positioning system

Medical Positioning Devices and Equipment for Trendelenburg Procedures

Safe surgical care starts with quality medical positioning devices.

Surgical positioning equipment, such as Trendelenburg positioning systems, aid in keeping patients and medical professionals safeguarded against the risks of robotic surgery. From robotic surgery face protection to Trendelenburg positioning pads, we have what your facility needs to conduct safe and effective operations and surgeries.

At KLM Medical Equipment, we are proud to provide facilities nationwide with a range of patient positioning devices for robotic/Trendelenburg positioning. Each with its own function, we give you the full set of surgical positioning equipment you need to safely position your patients for robotic procedures.

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