DaVinci Face Protection

As technology advances, the medical field benefits in countless ways. Advances in materials, different equipment, and many others affect millions of people every year. One of the most interesting medical devices to come along is the DaVinci Surgical System operating robot. This robot now can assist in a number of different surgical procedures to provide minimally invasive operations, which translate to a decreased time spent in recovery. But with these advances come new challenges, and one of those is to help protect the patient during the surgical procedure. Enter the DaVinci face protection option known as VisiWrap Robot supplied by KLM Medical Equipment.

DaVinci Face ProtectionWhat Does the VisiWrap Robot Do?

The VisiWrap Robot, designed by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, is meant to help protect the patient as they undergo a surgical procedure that involves the DaVinci Surgical System. With all of the different pieces on the DaVinci Surgical System, depending on the angle needed to perform the surgery, it is possible that the patient’s face could be bumped during the procedure. Not only that, but any tubes or other things that are meant to keep the patient comfortable, sedated, breathing, etc. could also be bumped or moved, causing issues that must be addressed immediately. This is not a good situation for anyone in the operating room.

The VisiWrap Robot is designed to go around the patient’s head and to be the barrier between the surgical machine and the patient. It provides the surgical team and the patient a level of comfort that they can adjust things before causing any pain or damage. There is also a slot where tubes for breathing and other things can go so that they too are protected. This really makes a big difference when it comes to protecting the patient and ensuring that the surgical procedure goes well.

Beyond Just Robotic Surgeries

While the VisiWrap Robot is a huge improvement in the surgical room when it comes to supine surgeries with the DaVinci Surgical System, this surgical enhancement can also be successfully used during surgeries where steep Trendelenburg positions are required. These positions are designed to provide the surgeon a better operating situation, which means a better outcome for the patient. Because the VisiWrap features a path for the tubes, it helps to keep them in place rather than flopping around and causing issues during surgery. KLM Medical Equipment is ready to provide these VisiWrap Robots to you for your surgical team.