Answering Your FAQs About C-Arm Compatible Operating Tables

The C-arm compatible operating table is an essential pain management device that enhances stability, access, and precision during surgical procedures. With a rock-solid design, C-arm tables are the most important piece of medical equipment in your facility.

C-Arm Compatible Operating Tables and Pain Management C-Arm TablesNot sure if C-arms are the right choice for your facility? Check out these FAQs about C-arm compatible operating tables that will help you decide:

  • Who uses these pain management tables?

C-arm tables are used for imaging procedures, typically in the OR. C-arms are right for you if you run a surgical center, pain management facility, or perform fluoroscopy procedures.

  • Why are KLM Medical Equipment’s C-arm tables different?

We offer OakWorks technology that is equipped with a range of special features such as:

  • 5 different motions
  • Quiet positioning
  • FDA listed technology
  • 3 years part, and 2 years labor warranty
  • What are the advantages of C-arm tables?

The main purpose of these tables is to ensure patient comfort. Other advantages of C-arm compatible operating tables include:

  • Stability
  • Decreases unit pressure
  • Proper microenvironment
  • Hygiene

At KLM Medical Equipment we proudly provide acute care facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, and other medical facilities with a range of innovative and durable technologies such as C-arm compatible operating tables. With the mission of providing you and your patients with the best technology on the market, we improve the safety and efficiency of surgical outcomes by partnering with the best medical equipment suppliers on the market. From Oakworks, Skytron, Match Grade Medical, LogiQuip, and more, our partners offer us the best medical equipment for your facility at the best rate.

With over two decades of experience and a reputation for unparalleled customer service that outshines our competitors, we’re the preferred medical supplier in the nation! Give us a call today at 913-449-3665 to learn more about our C-arm compatible operating table, and other medical equipment solutions for your facility!