High BMI Trendelenburg Positioning

The Trendelenburg position is useful for a variety of surgical needs where the patient can be positioned such that gravity is used to assist in moving organs out of the way during surgery. In normal circumstances, this position is very useful and does not cause complications for patients. However, when the patient has a higher BMI the use of Trendelenburg positioning becomes more of an issue for both the patient as well as the operating team. KLM Medical Equipment offers a number of items that are designed with High BMI Trendelenburg positioning in mind. Contact our team today to learn more and have the right equipment to handle the patient without causing any additional issues while trying to correct the main issue at hand.

Moving High BMI Patients Easily

High BMI Trendelenburg PositioningWhile the patient may be able to move under their own power before the surgery begins, once they are given anesthesia it will be the work of the surgical team to properly position the patient. Medical grade devices such as the Hadron FPLS can make this fine-tuning positioning much easier. Featuring eight handles this device helps medical personnel to move even high BMI patients into the right position for the surgeon to do their job well. High BMI Trendelenburg positioning is much easier with this piece of equipment.

Ensuring that the patient has a clear airway during surgery is important as well. This is especially important with high BMI Trendelenburg positioning so that the surgery can go as quickly as possible to bring the patient into recovery. Our Azul Inertial Trendelenburg Positioning Wedge (ITPW) supports not only the head and neck but also includes the shoulders as well. This is designed to move with the patient for minimal disturbances.

Safety And Security For Everyone

While the devices the KLM Medical Equipment offers are meant to help keep patients safe and secure, they are also meant to do the same for the medical personnel that are working with the patients. This includes patients needing high BMI Trendelenburg positioning. Your medical team shouldn’t need to strain themselves in order to get patients into the right position safely. The various medical equipment that we offer provides safety for both the patient as well as the medical team.

Whether you are looking at our top-of-the-line model of Genesis Trendelenburg positioning system, the Hadron FPLS device, or any of the other items that provide needed assistance for high BMI Trendelenburg positioning, you can be sure that you are getting an unparalleled medical device. Contact our team today to learn more about the full line of medical equipment that we offer.