When you are performing a shoulder surgery, it is important that you keep the rest of the body secure and safe, especially the head and face. With an anesthetized patient, especially if they are sitting in a chair, it is important that their head and neck be supported/restrained so that they remain safe. KLM Medical Equipment now offers the VisiWrap system for should surgery face protection as well as the VisiWrap Robot system for robotic surgeries. These two systems provide the protection patients require during surgery and recovery for the best outcome. Contact us today to learn more about both options.

VisiWrap For Shoulder Surgery

VisiWrapOur VisiWrap system provides two main positive aspects for the patient as well as the surgical team. First, the patient’s face is protected from accidental bumps as the team is working on the patient. It also provides support to the head while under anesthesia in a chair. The other important aspect to this is that the VisiWrap system provides slots for endotracheal, oral gastric, nasal/esophageal tubes, temperature monitors or any other medical equipment that needs to be kept out of the way of surgical instruments, robotic arms, and provider elbows.

You shouldn’t have to compromise the safety of your patients or your staff. Our VisiWrap system accommodates patients of any size, offers bilateral slots for tubes, wires, and other important monitoring devices, has optional eye protection that works with the system, offers quick release in case of emergencies, and much more. Don’t move forward with surgeries until you have the VisiWrap system in place for your patients.

VisiWrap For Robotic Surgery

In many cases these days, robotic surgeries are the norm, whether that’s robotics to augment the surgeon or complete robotic surgery. While it isn’t intended to have parts of the robot move into the patient’s space, it can happen sometimes. With the VisiWrap Robot system, you can protect the patient and the various tubes and wires so they don’t get knocked out of place and jeopardize the health and safety of the patient. This system also has proven very useful during Trendelenburg procedures, especially at steeper angles.

When it comes to the safety of your patients as well as your staff, utilizing the VisiWrap system for robotic surgeries, Trendelenburg procedures, as well as shoulder surgeries is the smart move. The surgical situations are stressful enough already without having to worry about tubes being pinched or removed during a procedure. Contact KLM Medical Equipment to learn more about equipping your surgical rooms with the VisiWrap system.