Examining AST Guidelines for Surgical Positioning Equipment & Practices

Surgical Positioning Equipment and Medical Positioning EquipmentSurgical positioning equipment is a tool that you use to increase safety and efficiency in the operating room. However, optimal safety begins with proper positioning–so it’s crucial that you and your team are up-to-date on the AST standards of surgical positioning & practice, which include:

  • Standard 1: Your team should be familiarized with the goals of performing safe & effective positioning on a patient.
  • Standard 2: During operation planning, all team members must be informed of any physiological factors that affect the positioning procedure.
  • Standard 3: Based on preoperative assessments, you should anticipate the needed positioning equipment.
  • Standard 4: All surgical team members should understand the needs of special patient populations and implement precautions.
  • Standard 5: During planning, surgical staff needs to be informed if the patient is a falling risk.
  • Standard 6: The operating team needs to abide by ergonomic positioning principles.
  • Standard 7: Patients that have been placed on the OR table are not to be abandoned.
  • Standard 8: Surgical technologists should assist in patient positioning under direct observation of the surgeon.
  • Standard 9: After patients have been positioned, the surgical team needs to assess the position.
  • Standard 10: Patient positioning and equipment need to be documented in OR/intraoperative records.
  • Standard 11: All surgical staff should keep up on the latest education in patient positioning, equipment, and safety practices.
  • Standard 12: Healthcare facilities should review policies and procedures annually.

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