Position Devices: TrendGuard VS. The Genesis Bi-Wing AAP Trendelenburg

TrenGuard, Trendelenburg Positioning Device, Trendelenburg Positioning Pad

When it comes to securing your patients in the Trendelenburg position, there’s no room for error!

For years the TrenGuard has been the preferred choice for Trendelenburg positioning, but we’re here to tell you that there’s a better solution!

The TrenGuard uses a mixture of polyurethane foams to offer support and stabilize traction. While tether straps secure the TrenGuard to the OR table, there isn’t much else that the TrenGuard can do.

The Genesis BI-Wing AAP not only provides patients and workers with all the conveniences of the basic TrenGuard design, but it has a range of additional features for added security and convenience. The Genesis BI-Wing AAP is the superior choice for your facility due to its many additional features including:

Adjustments of patients and pad using a single-secure unit (this is the only Trendelenburg positioning device with this ability).

  • Multipoint, 360° fixation, and lateral positioning that increases patient stability.
  • Built-in Bi-Wing streamlines to improve arm adduction for safe care.
  • A TeamLift base that supports up to 500lb with 8 bilateral handles.
  • Chest pada and XL straps that offer extra pressure management
  • Reduced strain on staff lifting with 100% pad to skin contact maximizes traction support of foam.
  • Average positioning time of 1-3 minutes for patients of all sizes and weights.
  • Standardized intubation to lithotomy handling

At KLM Medical Equipment we are proud to offer our valued client the most innovative Trendelenburg positioning devices and Trendleneburg pads on the market. Unlike the TrendGuard, our Genesis BI-Wing AAP Trendelenburg positioning device is an inclusive, quality positioning technology that keeps both patients and staff safe and secure.

By keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in medical equipment, it’s our passion to provide your facility with affordable solutions that outweigh our competitors in quality and price. For unbeatable, quality medical solutions, give us a call today at 913-449-3665 and request a quote!


Genesis Bi-Wing AAP Trendelenburg Positioning Pad

When people ask what I do for a living outside of anesthesia, this is it.
If you don’t feel enough confidence in your products and their design to demonstrate 45 degree positioning efficacy, and we should never use 45 degrees despite the surgical table’s ability for routine laparoscopic surgery, then you aren’t the CEO you should be!
Haha, I’d go toe to toe with any competitor’s CEO on demonstrating our products against theirs in a side by side 45 degree challenge. #lovewhatIdo

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Posted by David Julian Gomez