Pain Management C-Arm Tables

Made in the USA, these imaging (c-arm compatible) and pain management tables are rock solid, stable designs that help support safety and excellent imaging. Oakworks has economical and premium models with the features and functionality you require.

  • 5 different motions and two top designs lets you configure your table to meet your needs and budget
  • The Imaging/Pain Management Table is designed for image-guided procedures where stability, access, and precise, quiet positioning are essential.
  • Medical tables are FDA listed, ensuring the highest level of safety for your patients
  • Industry leading 3 years parts, 2 years labor warranty
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    C-Arm Compatible Operating Tables

    • CFPM400 Integrated Headrest Imaging-Pain Management Table
    • CFPM400-Rectangular Top Imaging-Pain Management Table
    • CFPM401-Integrated Headrest Imaging-Pain Management Table
    • CFPM401-Rectangular-Top Imaging-Pain Management Table
    • CFPM300-Integrated Headrest Imaging-Pain Management Table
    • CFPM300-Rectangular Top Imaging-Pain Management Table
    • CFPM301-Integrated Headrest Imaging-Pain Management Table
    • CFPM301-Rectangular-Top Imaging-Pain Management Table
    • CFPMB301 Rectangular Top Imaging-Pain Management Table
    • CFPM100-Integrated Headrest Imaging-Pain Management Table
    • CFPM100-Rectangular Top Imaging-Pain Management Table
    • DTPM300
    • Single Carbon Fiber Arm Board
    • Fluoro Extender
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