Surgical Tables

No two surgeries are the same, and that means that there are several different surgical tables that have been designed to facilitate better surgical positions as well as patient needs. Skytron Surgical Tables were designed with end-users in mind and to handle the many challenges you face in the operating room. Surgical tables that are for imaging, tables that feature a top rotation or slide, and even articulating surgical tables are all available from KLM Medical Equipment. Give them a call to find out what tables are best for you and your operating needs.

Essentia Skytron Surgical Table

Surgical TablesWhen you are looking for a general, all-around quality surgical table that can be flexible based on the needs of the patient, the Essentia surgical table is the one that you want to have. The Essentia surgical table has the ability to rotate the top bed 180 degrees. This allows for quick adjustments when it comes to doing medical imaging or other needs. Because there are different parts of the table that are hinged, you can elevate particular parts of the body, even putting patients in a sitting position for different needs. With the variability of this table, it is a great universal surgical table for many needs.

Clarity Skytron Surgical Table

You may need to do some imaging with patients to determine the extent of surgical intervention that is needed. With the Clarity table, you can now readily use C-arm imaging equipment without any interference from the table. The table itself can also be tilted to provide different angles for imaging and surgery. And with a 500-pound capacity, this table can handle the vast majority of patients that you will see.

EZ Slide Skytron Surgical Table

The EZ Slide table features the highest table height of all of the tables available, this table was designed for the full surgical team to work comfortably. The table also features the ability to slide the patient on the table easily for imaging access as well as surgical access. This is the table to have when you have a variety of surgical specialties using the same operating room as it provides them all with the height and motion that they desire.

Heavier Surgical Tables

Along with the above surgical tables, Skytron also offers a variety of tables that can handle much heavier patients. These tables can slide for proper imaging needs, rotate to assist with other needs, and handle the increased weights for bariatric patients. No matter what your surgical needs might be, KLM Medical Equipment has what you need, only a phone call away.