Trendelenburg Positioning

During Any surgical procedure positioning the patient properly is very important and depends on the length of the procedure, the anesthesia access to the patient, and a few other things. At KLM Medical Equipment, we take great care in trendelenburg positioning and with the Help of the gravitational force begin access to the patient’s abdominal organs. We have been a leading provider of medical capital equipment for many years now. When it comes to quality products and exemplary customer service you know after the service is over, people trust KLM. This is also because products are designed by professional medical staff to provide safe, effective, and problem solving solutions. We take great pride in the fact that our equipments promote enhanced safety for various surgical procedures. 

Trendelenburg Positioning

Below we have mentioned a few important factors you should consider in trendelenburg positioning. Take a look. 

  1. Brachial Plexus Neuropathy 

In this procedure the gravity pulls down the patient’s weight against the shoulder braces which results in the shoulder and the body mass to slide between the braces. What one should be careful of is the approximation of the clavicle and first rid as it threatens the compression of the sub clavian vessels and brachial plexus. 

2. Clinical recommendations for repositioning patients 

While positioning patients for steep trendelenburg, there’s always a risk for intra operative injury. To reduce these risks we can take the help of anesthesia administered crystalloids. The doctors and the nurses should constantly monitor the patient position, at least on an hourly basis, and use the minimal amount of pneumoperitoneum and trendelenburg needed for the entire surgery. 

3. Perioperative complications  

One must be very careful not to keep a patient in trendelenburg for a long period of time as it might lead to catastrophic injuries. These injuries include increased blood pressure, corneal abrasion, retinal detachment, and other respiratory distress. 

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