5 Reasons to Add Body Temperature Kiosks to Your Facility

During the Coronavirus pandemic, facilities have had to adjust their protocols to ensure the safety of their clients and workers. At the top of the list are medical facilities that have a responsibility to keep all visitors, especially vulnerable individuals, safe.

Temperature Kiosks, Temperature Self Check Kiosk, Temperature Taking KioskTherefore, medical facilities have turned to body temperature kiosks to keep patients safe and secure. If you have not used a temperature kiosk, then you should know that these temperature kiosks automatically take temperatures and offer automatic hand sanitization to keep tabs on individuals who pose a Coronavirus risk.

Eliminating the need for manual temperature taking, temperature kiosks are ideal for all buildings and facilities, not just healthcare clinics and hospitals. Still not convinced that a body temperature kiosk is worth it? Here are 5 reasons why your facility needs body temperature kiosks.

  • These temperature kiosks are convenient and great for keeping track of your employees as well.
  • Body temperature kiosks are completely contactless, ensuring that germs aren’t passed at the door.
  • More than taking temperatures, these kiosks can help enforce facemask policies for your facility.
  • Body temperature kiosks have high-resolution thermal cameras that produce reliable body temperature results.
  • These temperature kiosks are easy to manage and do not require frequent maintenance for use.

At KLM Medical Equipment we have over 20 years of experience providing innovative and quality medical equipment technology to medical facilities all around the United States. Keeping up with the demands, our HS10 Body Temperature Kiosk is the most innovative and trustworthy temperature kiosk on the market, offering a range of features including face identification, hand sanitizer dispensary, and customizable questionnaire technology.

Whether you operate a school, hospital, or clinic, we ensure that you get the temperature kiosk technology your facility requires to keep all staff, clients, patients, etc. protected. For more information on our temperature kiosks, contact us today!