A Guide to Prone Positioning & Equipment

There’s nothing more important than keeping your patients safe–and safety starts with quality medical equipment!

Prone positioning devices are used to safely secure and situate patients in a downward-facing position, this increases access to the dorsal area and allows surgeons and medical staff to easily access the neck, colon, tendons, back, and other abaxial surfaces.

Prone Positioning Equipment and Prone Positioning DevicesBut more than increased access to certain body parts, the prone position has additional benefits including:

  • Reduced risks of lung-injury (ventilator-induced)
  • Efficient gas exchange in the lungs and less lung compression.
  • Better oxygen flow and heart function.
  • Improved drainage for diseased lungs.

Moving patients into the prone position can be complicated for medical professionals. The use of prone positioning equipment eliminates the physical strain of moving patients and offers more support, comfort, and safety for patients undergoing procedures.

The prone position is achieved through the use of special prone positioning devices. These devices ensure security and comfort for both patients and surgical staff.

Care Surgical is a leader in manufacturing the best prone positioning devices available, including:

  • CS Prone Patient Supports
  • CS Prone Plus Head Support System
  • CS Spine Frame

At KLM Medical Equipment we understand the importance of quality prone positioning equipment, which is why we offer the highest standard of medical equipment on the market. Working with Care Surgical and other respected suppliers, we are proud to offer a selection of medical devices that improve safety for patients and your medical staff. From prone positioning equipment to Trendelenburg medical positioning devices and everything in-between, we are nationally recognized for our dedication to offering the best medical equipment and supplies available.

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