Alvarado Foot Holder

The foot holder piece, which is part of the full Alvarado Ladderloc Surgical Knee Positioner System, has been engineered for hundreds of uses during knee replacement surgeries. KLM Medical Equipment can provide you with a complete detailed rundown of the Alvarado Ladderloc Surgical Knee Positioner System, including the foot holder. It provides greater foot stabilization during surgery to ensure proper alignment as well as lateral knee positioning needs. Even the shape of the foot holder is designed for more stable operations compared to other holders.

Alvarado Foot HolderThe Top Rail

This is the Ladderloc rail system that the other pieces of the system lock into, yet it still remains lightweight and strong. This new Ladderloc rail system is longer than previous versions, providing the surgeon with an increase in flexion adjustments, as well as being more stable and yet easier to set up. The foot holder described above readily fits into the Ladderloc system which provides the foundation for a good knee replacement operation as well as other surgeries. This Ladderloc rail system fits into the mounting platform described below.

Mounting Platform

For all of these pieces to work together, they need to be mounted to the surgical table to form a rock-solid platform for surgeries to happen without issues. The mounting platform has the patented Fieldloc technology, which works smoothly with the Ladderloc rail system. This is a universal mounting platform that resides outside of the sterile field and can also be used with multiple sterile component sets, which reduces your equipment costs. Everything starts with a solid base, and this mounting platform provides that.

Thigh Bolster Tower

During many knee replacements, you need an extra set of hands to provide additional stability, especially on the thigh. With all that is going on in the operating room, those extra hands aren’t always available when you need them to be. This is where the Thigh Bolster Tower comes in. It provides the lateral support you need at all flexion angles, and it can be added and removed as you need during the procedure if needed. This is the leg holder knee surgery requires, and it adds another important piece to your equipment list to make knee surgeries a success.

The full Ladderloc rail system is versatile, sterile, and easy to use. Upgrade your ladder rail system and let Ladderloc be your solution for better positioning and protecting the patient during all types of surgeries including knee-elbow position. Call KLM Medical Equipment to learn more.