Body Temperature Screening Kiosks for YHC

The Coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for body temperature screening equipment, and we’re here for it. Body temperature kiosks reduce the risk of transmission between users with no-touch body temperature scanning–ideal for pandemic times!

Body Temperature Kiosk, Body Temperature Scanner Kiosk, Temperature KioskAt the end of January 2021, we collaborated with Yoakum Community Hospital in Texas to install new body temperature kiosks for their facility. Combining sanitization features with temperature reading & survey technology, Yoakum Community Hospital enjoys the convenience of advanced medical equipment to keep patients and workers safe, and you can too!

If you’re not sure if body temperature kiosks are right for your facility, check out these advantages:

  • Motion Sensor – The motion sensor feature allows for quick and efficient temperature reading that’s self-service and accessible for all individuals regardless of disability.
  • Sanitization Not only does the body temperature kiosk ensure that your temperature is compliant, but you cannot proceed without using hand sanitizer, which is included in the kiosk itself. For an added benefit, the kiosk will inform you if sanitizer is low.
  • Versatility You can choose between stand-alone and/or wall mounting options for your facility depending on preferences and space availability.
  • Technology – Our body temperature kiosks utilize the most recent technology to produce instant readings that notify on-site supervisors. With customizable questions and HD touch screen technology, your facility will have the most innovative body temperature reading technology on the market.

At KLM Medical Equipment we are dedicated to offering you innovative and effective medical equipment such as body temperature kiosks, health care lighting, surgical tables, and more!

Utilizing our strategic partnerships with the most respected medical equipment suppliers in the nation, it’s our goal to provide you with practical, affordable, and quality medical equipment solutions that improve the health and safety of your organization. If you’re interested in learning how your facility can benefit from body temperature kiosks, contact us today!