FAQs About Prone Positioning for ARDS

ARDS, also known as an acute pulmonary disease, is a serious issue that is caused by a vast range of serious illnesses and/or lung trauma. While there are many ways that ARDS is treated, perhaps the most efficient and cost-effective way to increase lung oxygenation is by placing patients in the prone position, which is achieved through the use of professional prone positioning devices.

Here are some of your common questions about prone positioning and ARDS, answered:

How does prone positioning help my patients with ARDS?

Prone Positioning Equipment and Prone Positioning DevicesThe simple answer is that it increases oxygenation to the lungs. By placing patients in the prone position, the lungs are expanded and the redistribution of lung fluids occurs which takes the pressure off the posterior regions of the lungs and increases overall lung capacity.

How many members of my surgical staff does it require to achieve prone positioning?

This all depends on the prone positioning equipment that you have and the size of your patients. As a general rule, heavier patients (280lbs and up) take about 4 medical staff members to safely place in the prone position. Regardless, your prone positioning devices need to be able to accommodate patients of all sizes when positioning for ARDS.

When positioning for ARDS, what’s the difference between the prone position and lateral position?

While lateral patient positioning (turning patients onto one side) can help to prevent pneumonia, it’s proven that the prone position decreases the dead space in the lungs that ultimately improves oxygen flow.

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