Genesis Bi-Wing AAP VS. TrenGuard

The Trendelenburg position is an important surgical position that increases access to the lower abdominal area. Characterized by a 30-40 degree angle, you need reliable positioning devices to safely and conveniently put patients in the Trendelenburg position.

TrenGuard, Trendelenburg Positioning Device, Trendelenburg Positioning PadTraditionally, the TrenGuard Trendelenburg positioning device has been the first choice for medical institutions across the USA. But we’re here to tell you differently.

Similar to the TrenGuard, the Genesis Bi-Wing AAP Trendelenburg medical positioning device uses polyurethane foams and tether straps to stabilize patients. However, that’s not all the Genesis Bi-Wing AAP can do!

The Genesis Bi-Wing AAP is equipped with several additional features that make this Trendelenburg positioning device the safest, most flexible, and convenient medical positioning device on the market. These additional features include:

  • Standardized intubation to lithotomy handling.
  • Single-secure unit for patient adjustment (this is the only Trendelenburg that can do this).
  • Bi-Wing streamlines that are built-in for extra pressure management.
  • A base that supports up to 500lbs with 8 bi-lateral handles, ideal for large patients.
  • Increased patient stability with a multipoint, 360° fixation, and lateral positioning.
  • XL straps and chest pads that offer extra pressure management, and more!

At KLM Medical Equipment we provide the Genesis BI-Wing AAP Trendelenburg positioning device that competes with the popular TrenGuard model. With over 20 years of experience and a passion for sustainable and quality medical solutions, it’s our goal to provide your facility with the optimal equipment that improves safety for medical staff and patients. Our strong relationships with the most respected manufacturers in medical equipment solutions enable us to give our clients the best equipment on the market at the best rates.

By taking a comprehensive approach to medical equipment, we carefully select all the medical devices we offer, ensuring that it upholds the highest standard of quality and safety. Contact us today to learn more about our medical positioning equipment for your facility!