Three Important Features of C-Arm Pain Management Tables

When it comes to pain management tables, it’s not one-size-fits-all. The C-arm table, for example, is a unique pain management table that’s built to provide comfort and safety to surgical staff and patients. The C-arm design supports excellent imaging and stability, necessary for procedures like steroid injections, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, etc.

If you/your facility are in the market for a new C-arm pain management table, then you need to check for these three important features of our quality C-arm table designs.

Limited Movements

Pain Management Tables, Pain Management C-Arm Table, and Urology TablesAs surprising as it may seem, C-arm tables should only allow for limited movements during procedures. Pain management professionals recommend only 2-3 movements maximum on the OR table, ensuring patient comfort and surgical efficiency. So, while pain management tables should accommodate movement, they need to be limited.

Weight Classification

Your C-arm table needs to accommodate your patients, regardless of size. As a general rule, look for tables that can support 400-500 pounds, so you can easily provide safe surgical accommodations for all patients.

Additional Features

You can outfit your C-arm pain management table with a range of additional features and accessories that ensure safe and optimal outcomes. Certain tables, like our OakWorks C-arm table, are equipped with carbon fiber tops, hand controls, radiolucent pads, and more!

At KLM Medical Equipment we are dedicated to providing your facility with high-quality and functional medical equipment and supplies, including pain management tables. Understanding that safety and comfort should not be mutually exclusive, we combine innovation with groundbreaking designs to provide you with the best pain management tables on the market.

Working with a range of suppliers such as OakWorks WEG, Infinitus Medical Technologies, and more, we partner with manufacturers that value safety and quality. Whether you’re replacing your old urology table or just opening your practice, we’re here to connect you with the pain management tables you require at a price you can afford. Contact us today for more info on our medical equipment and tables!